Imam Tawhidi – Threat of Arrest and ISIS Retaliation

Imam Tawhidi is a friend to America. How do I know? Because he is my dear friend who I would trust with my life.

EllieB – an American suburban Christian grandmother & fellow fighter for peace 
(March 4, 2019)

On the 11th of February 2019 a Muslim lawyer in Australia wished for ISIS to behead me and make ‘Fata’ (an Egyptian Dish) with my head. He also wanted me poisoned and hoped for an event within Australia to be “bombed.”

For my own safety, I posted his statements online. He received immediate and serious backlash online from my supporters.

The lawyer is also a migration agent, which sparked further interest into who he has helped come into this country.

After realising the steps we have taken against him, I personally believe he has played the victim card against me.

He presented a story to the courts and Police, which led to an interim intervention order [received on the 28th of February 2019] not allowing me to mention his name or anything relating to him until the matter is heard in trial (40 days from now).

He claims to have suffered losses because I made his (already public) statements public.

I am fighting to legally release copies of the order to the public, and show how I believe some lawyers abuse the law.

I plan to take this matter as far as it will go to expose what I believe is serious abuse of law.

I have reason to believe that there is a network of extremist activists operating in this country, and I want them exposed.

I have decided to fight back, and I need your help. He is a lawyer who doesn’t have legal fees to pay, but we do.IMAM TAWHIDI – March 4, 2019




The Tragedy of ISLAM


#ImamOfPeace #ImamTawhidi #Peace #Unity #Love


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