A Week of BOOM in DC


Ellie B and Imam Tawhidi

What does an American Christian Grandma do for Mother’s Day? Ellie Brown follows God’s call and puts on her EllieB SpyGirl Mission hat then flies to WA DC to spend time with her dear friend the Imam of Peace – Shaikh Mohammmad Tawhidi.

We spoke about many things of the heart: faith, love, hope, and mission.
His mission:
Reform the Muslim faith and wakeup America – and the world – to the dangers of jihad extremism. He has devoted his life to bringing truth and hope back to the Muslim community.
Her mission:
WakeUp the Church and America – the the dangerous ideologies invading her country at a rapid pace. She has devoted her life to saving children, supporting veterans, rescuing those in human trafficking, battling the opioid epidemic, and engaging in race & faith relations.

Read THE TRAGEDY of ISLAM – Admissions of a Muslim Imam

Follow Imam Tawhidi on Twitter

Follow EllieB on her Twitter accounts too! Real_EllieBrown & EllieB_Official

People laugh when I tell them I am actually EllieB SpyGirl in my real life. Never underestimate a grandma on a mission to #SaveTheChildren & to #WakeUpAmerica – ready 4 DC #BOOMWEEK

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